Monday, June 18, 2012

Billy Mills 1964 Gold Medal Winner 10,000 Meters

With the 2012 London Olympic Summer Games approaching (opening ceremonies July 27), it is impressive to note that Billy Mills  is still the only American to ever win the Olympic 10,000 meters.

US 10,000 Meter Gold Medalist Billy Mills (1964)

Mills a native American and US Marine is a member of the Oglala Lakota Tribe, was a tremendous underdog in 1964.
His victory in the 1964 Tokyo Games, included a thrilling finish and a new the world record (28.24.4) in
the 10, 000 meters.

and his incredible life story-- making the US Olympic Team against huge odds, captivated the world.
Mills story was later told in the movie Running Brave, which has served as an inspiration and motivation for the millions who have watched around the world. 

Billy Mills today working with Indian Youth

Billy is still active-- he travels over 300 days a year giving motivational talks throughout the country, he still runs for fun,  and works with Indian youth 
Billy visits American Indian communities throughout the U.S. and speaks to American Indian youth about healthy lifestyles and taking pride in their heritage.

Billy has been married to his wife Pat for over 45 years, and Billy and Pat have 3 daughters and granddaughters.

Billy has also written an inspirational book with Nicholas Sparks called "Wokini: A Lakota Journey to Happiness and Understanding."

Billy recently took the time to wish the Gloucester Catholic Cross Country Team good luck and to "remember to find your passion and follow your dreams" advice he followed to win the only American 10,000 meter gold medal and provide a life of service that continues to positively impact thousands of American youth.

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