Thursday, July 17, 2014

These "Kids" Love To Run

When I heard about 44 kids that love to run in Maine, the running you tube video stars, we had to visit them on a recent trip to Maine.

The enthusiastic runners were both boys and girls, and they had a perfect place to train on Sunflower Farm and Creamery in Cumberland Maine. These runners, along with the farms owner Hope Hall were all glad to see us. The runners, of course were baby Nigerian dwarf goats.
Hope had run cross country in high school,  and she said she was hoping a cross country coach would see the video and stop by the farm.
 The 44 little cross country runners who ran daily with Hope and her two daughters were all destined to be sold, in pairs as pets and would soon be leaving the farm behind.
    The baby goats were all extremely friendly and social. While holding one baby, Maggie who put her head on my shoulder, others lined up to be picked up. They gently touched my leg with their paws to get my attention as if saying "I'm next."
The babies also gathered my their mothers when they weren't being picked up. Hope, "Besides being friendly and great with little children, they are also intelligent-- they look direct into your eyes."
Hope who knows all the kids and parents by name also said, "I really believe most people and animals were naturally born to run. When you watch the baby goats run you can see the essence of running and what an enjoyable, natural activity it is."
Long may they run in their new homes!

Here is a link to the farm and their great creamery:


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Anne Forline said...

Clearly, my third place finish in the Ross-Kupcha 5K is in serious jeopardy....