Monday, October 17, 2011

Don't Allow Seasons To Pass You By

He could have been at most of the games, but he had to make a living. When each tiring day was done, there just wasn't enough pep left for a game, a story or a little fun. It's just that the kid was growing up and he never noticed the look of admiration and hope until it faded and died.
       This man worked hard for his family. It's just that day follows day and the seasons fly. Children grow up and life goes by.
      Now the evening shadows are steep and retirement has come. The old house is silent and the chair creaks some.
     What was life about, he wonders. Was it to sit in a rocker by the gate and remember the pink pills at seven and the purple ones at eight? Along the way, did he miss the reason God put us all on earth? Was it about loving and serving Him by loving and sharing with others?
     The little boy is long gone now. He lives in another state. The old man plans to write, but putting a letter together is hard if you haven't practiced, and he can't really find much to say. When all's said and done, he's just a stranger called "Dad".
     The old man meant no ill. He just forgot that life is more than earning a lot. It slipped his mind that the seasons fly, children grow up and life goes by.

Written by Ted Simonson.
Ted resides in Statesville North Carolina and is and elder at the Grace Alliance Fellowship Church in Statesville.

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