Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 Reasons

Running is Outside...

Why Running is better than Bowling
1. No one ever asks you for “a smoke.”
2. You can do the “one nostril clearing thing” before the event and no one cares.
3. You don’t have to wear silly bowling shoes.
4. It’s outside.
5. “Free” food and drink at races.
6. You get to compete against Kenyans and other world-class athletes.
7. The scenery changes.
8. T-shirts for participation.
9. If you wanted to toss a heavy ball you would have thrown the shot put in high school.
10. Boring marathon stories still slightly more interesting than bowling stories at a party.

10 Reasons 

Why Bowling is better than Running
1. Bathrooms are never more than a few yards away.
2. People can’t look up your results on the Internet.
3. Almost no one does the “one nostril clearing thing” before the event.
4. Kenyans stink at bowling.
5. No one tries to lunge past you at the line.
6. It’s inside.
7. You don’t have to wear silly racing shoes.
8. You can down a hot dog and a beer during the event without getting dirty looks.
9. Narrower range of injuries from bowling than running.
10. Results available immediately.

Written by Jack Heath
Courtesy of Runners Gazette

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