Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day of Distance at Villanova

American Distance running past present and future came together at Villanova at the annual Day of Distance Coaching Clinic on March 28. First, three time Former Mile World Record holder and present Kansas Congressman Jim Ryun and Rams Coach Jack HeathOlympian and former mile world record holder Jim Ryun, now a US Congressman from Kansas spoke to the assembled coaches about his great running career. Ryun mentioned how he overcame the disappointment of getting cut from his church baseball and junior high basketball teams and turned it into a positive-- running in the Olympics in 1964 as a high school student. 45 years ago Ryun ran a 3:55 mile for the US high school mile record. Ryun gave insights into the workouts that led to his becoming the best runner in the world-- gradual progression with no sudden spikes in training. He also mentioned the "secret to his success" his moms cherry pie. Congressman Ryun mentioned that runners must set goals that are not easily reached but are obtainable with hard work to reach their potential.

Ryun also mentioned athletes have to have fun but must also "take ownership" of their own training and their goals to be truly successful. Ryun enjoyed recounting how his coach Bob Jim Ryun, Marty Liquori 1971 Dream Mile at PennTimmons made the practices fun with things like a "bowtie" practice that involved running to the top of a stadium and back down in a bowtie pattern.

Villanova track and cross country coach Marcus O'Sullivan spoke about lessons learned from his world class running career and career as a Division I coach.Villanova Coach and 3 Time Olympian Marcus O'Sullivan

Marcus talked about how each athlete should have a long range plan and long range motivation and short term motivation. According to Marcus: "Motivation is the space between where you are and where you want to go."
Marcus talked about positive and negative energy and how some athletes run for negative reasons. Marcus mentioned that athletes run to their potential when they harness their anxiety and emotions and run for positive reasons.
Erin Donohue now runs for Nike

Erin Donohue former Haddonfield and North Carolina star currently running for Nike, spoke about her training and running career.
Erin mentioned that she is currently being coached by John Cook of George Mason and her current goal is to run the 1500 meters in the Beijing Olympics. Erin ran in the 1500 finals in the World Championships last year

A representative from Nike also mentioned that Nike is about to release the Nike Amp+ watch at the Boston Marathon http://www.engadget.com/2007/10/05/nikes-amp-watch-hearts-your-heart-and-ipod-too/ The Nike Amp will enable runners to track their distance and for coaches to track theNike Amp + will be released at Boston Marathon mileage of their entire team online.

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